Welcome to your residence managed by RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc.  Property Management is our business and we firmly believe that the best way to be successful is to give our owners and their tenants fair, businesslike, courteous service.  As such please be aware of the following:

Communicating with RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc.

All business communications with RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. must be in writing.

Rent Payments    PAY PORTAL

As stated in your lease, rent is considered late if received in our office after midnight on the 3rd day of the month.  There is a drop box at the office.  You are also invited to use PayLease.  Instructions were included in your move in package or you can visit our website for instructions.  We do not under any circumstances, accept cash.

Repair Requests

Need something fixed?  Please send an email to Repairs@landlordaustin.com and we can quickly assist you! RPM will then send you the name and telephone number of vendors you will call.  We will also provide you with a Work Order number. This should be done within 24 hours or earlier.  For your convenience, you will make an appointment with the vendor.

From time-to-time a repair may take longer than expected to complete because we are waiting for authorization from the owner or a particular part to complete the maintenance.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these occasions.

Other ways to make repair requests are as follows:

By Mail
P. O. Box 30525
Austin, Texas 78755
Attn: Repairs

By Fax
Attn: Repairs

An emergency repair includes the following situations:

  • Fire (leave the property immediately, call 911 and the RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. Emergency Number)
  • Flood (locate and turn off the street water cut off valve for the property to prevent further flooding and call the RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. Emergency Number)
  • Fumes (leave the property immediately, call 911 and the RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. Emergency number)
  • Air Condition or Heating is not considered an emergency however, RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. considers this a very high priority.  Call RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. during normal business hours and HVAC service will be performed ASAP (probably next working day).

RPM’s Emergency Numbers:

Super Tenders -our after hours emergency line
If unable to reach Super Tenders, please call:

Moving out of an RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. Managed property

Approximately 45 days prior to the end of your lease, you will receive a renewal notice.  Should you decide to stay please execute the notice and send it back to RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc..  If on the other hand, you decide to give RPM Reliable Property Management, Inc. notice to move, that notice must be in the office no later than 30 days preceding the last day of your lease.  Please click on “Check out Requirements” below.

Should you break your lease, please click on “Breaking a Lease” below for instructions.